Quick guide for perfect artist profile.

Your Artist Profile it’s your business card.

In your profile there is a gallery of all your works that are always associated with your Artist profile.

This guide describes all the details necessary to successfully publish a complete profile on Artistandoo.com

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A Perfect Artist Profile.

To best sell your artworks you need to make the most of all the tools available on Artistandoo.com

Follow all our tips to improve your profile and increase your visibility, your contacts and new customers.

Complete Artist Profile

Present yourself at best by associating a clear description of yourself to your works.

Profile Check

The percentage bar indicates at any moment how much is missing to arrive at a complete 100% profile.

To check how others see your profile by clicking on the “View your profile” link


Your Data Access

The username and email, together with your password, allow you to access Artistandoo.com

You can change the email address you entered when registering, but be sure to enter your existing email address.

You will receive requests for contacts to the new email entered.


Artist Profile

In this section you can choose the combination (name / surname or Art name) you want to display in your profile and assigned to your works.

You can change it whenever you want.


Your biography

Write a short introduction about yourself, introduce visitors to your art, invite them to follow you.


Image Profile

Click on the “Select Image” button to upload a photo of your profile.

We recommend uploading a photo in high resolution.

Photos up to a maximum weight of 16 Megabytes are accepted



Accept requests for commissioned Artworks

If you are professionally planning to accept any requests on commission of your visitors, activate the “Customized Works” box.

Under each of your works you will see an invitation to contact you for commissioned works, drawings and paintings.

It is a powerful marketing tool, we advise you to always keep it activated if you are willing to carry out works on customer request.



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Your contacts

In this section we suggest you to enter address, time of visits and phone of your activity.

If you think this data is not necessary, do not enter anything.

Inserting a correct address will display a map in the profile.

Remember,  data is visible on your profile. You  can edit or delete it at any time.

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Take advantage of Quick Contacts

Contact directly on Whatsapp and Skype chats from potential customers.

Visitors can chat with you directly from the Artistandoo.com website.

Make the most of this possibility: by entering your contacts you will have the opportunity to chat directly with the potential visitors of your works or your profile, without intermediaries!




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Take advantage of Social Contacts

Use all the links to the social networks that Artistandoo makes available to you.

If you have an online portfolio or a website to give visibility, insert the link in the “Website” section.

We advise you to enter all the links to the profiles and social pages you use: visitors to Artistandoo are invited to contact you and know you on the social pages you enter. In turn, your pages and social profiles will receive more contacts and more like!



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